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This is not your redemption, but forgiveness.

Holy… mother… of all… things… perfect…

Elsa is divinity. Innocence, ephemera, exquisite.

…And, yeah, okay, Hans is there, too.

The colors on Elsa make me want to shiver. This is beautiful. Absolutely perfect.

And it is such a perfect representation of what Elsa is - she is goodness and grace and desperate desire to do what is right. If forgiveness was asked, forgiveness would be granted. She is softness, wrapped in ice. She is selfless. She is willing to sacrifice. Even if it means her own life. And her own life, in her mind, is not worth the taking of another.

My god, Lily, how do you do this? Seriously? HOW?

I want to write this story.

Okay this Elsa is perfect and this picture is perfect and Elsa is a good person and all but I DON’T THINK SHE WOULD or SHOULD FORGIVE THE GUY WHO TRIED TO KILL HER AND HER SISTER (TWICE!!)

Well, I for sure would not forgive him if I were in Elsa’s shoes. If someone tried to seduce my sister, then tried to kill us both, there would be no forgiveness. There would be violence, and gore.

But I really like the idea that Elsa is a better person than I am, who would forgive Hans. That wouldn’t make them square, and that wouldn’t mean he would escape punishment. But she would forgive him, and that would be worth something.

*gentle reminder* that you do not forgive others too make them feel better. You forgive others to free yourself from the burden of anger and hate that you would otherwise carry with you.

Elsa would forgive Hans not because he deserves it, (that’s why it’s not redemption), but because she deserves to live without that anger in her own soul. She would forgive him because she’s trying to live free of hate and fear now. She’s learned, first hand, that love thaws and fear and hate are the enemy.

^ Beautifully said.

[[ I just want to add how everyone says that Hans tried to kill Anna. And yeah, it’s really easy to see it that way. But I think there’s more to it. Hans is a product of thirteen older brothers and he’s never gotten any recognition. He goes into this land where Elsa starts doing her crazy ice powers and everyone is scared. Let’s not forget that. When Elsa shows her powers, everyone in the place is frightened of her. They’ve only heard of powers like this in fairytales where the end is never good. Only evil have used powers like Elsa’s in Disney films in the past, so it’s only natural to assume this. And then Hans sees all this and thinks that this is finally his chance to make something of himself. To prove to everyone that he can be as good as his other brothers, by stopping the evil villain. But what he doesn’t realize is that Elsa isn’t the villain. He only sees Anna as an innocent person, naive enough to think that Elsa means well. So he takes action. He decides to stop what’s happening because he believes it’s the right thing. It’s what is going to give him recognition. So in this drawing, it’s like he realizes what he’s done wrong. That he judged too quickly and that it wasn’t right to do so. Hans is a really misunderstood character… ]]

I have to strongly disagree, just because Jennifer Lee herself (and Santi Fontana, too) explicitly said Hans is a sociopath. That’s the way he was written; that’s his nature. He’s not misunderstood.

I personally think it would be way more interesting if he hadn’t been a sociopath, and was just terribly misguided, and genuinely thought he was helping the kingdom, but that still wouldn’t excuse his cruelty. Any way you slice it, even ignoring actual canon, Hans is an awful person.

I would love love love to see Hans recognize his wrongdoings and be sorry for them. God, I would LOVE to see him be just broken with shame and grief. And sociopaths don’t feel remorse, HOWEVER. In this world, where girls can have magical ice powers, where rock trolls can rearrange memories, where love can literally thaw a frozen heart? I don’t think it’s impossible that something could change his heart. And I think that would be a pretty great story.



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